Permission for around-the-clock operations of entertainment venues in the U-Tapao airport complex in Rayong province does not extend to nearby Pattaya and Rayong, according to the government.

Deputy government spokeswoman Traisuree Taisaranakul clarified on Sunday that the Interior Ministry notice published in Friday’s Royal Gazette, which allowed entertainment venues in the U-Tapao International Airport and Eastern Airport City Project to operate around the clock, applies solely to those places within the airport complex. It does not, as some may have misunderstood, apply to nearby areas such as Pattaya City and other locations in Rayong province.

This permission only pertains to the boundaries of the U-Tapao airport, which includes the Eastern Airport City site, as stated by Ms. Traisuree. She emphasized, “Places in other areas outside the airport will continue to be subject to the regulation of normal operating hours.” Typically, closing times for entertainment venues in these other areas are mostly set at either midnight or 2 a.m.

The decision to allow around-the-clock operations within the U-Tapao airport complex was made to accommodate aviation activities that require continuous operation, Ms. Traisuree explained.

The U-Tapao International Airport and Eastern Airport City Project represent a significant infrastructure development aimed at upgrading U-Tapao airport, positioning it as the country’s third primary international commercial airport, alongside Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports.

These three airports will eventually be interconnected by a high-speed railway system, creating a network capable of serving a combined total of 200 million air passengers annually. According to Ms. Traisuree, this will further bolster the Eastern Economic Corridor’s status as a hub for targeted businesses and industries.

The U-Tapao International Airport and Eastern Airport City Project encompasses passenger terminals, a commerce and land transport center, an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul center, a free trade zone, a cargo complex, and an aviation training center.

Source: Bangkok Post

24 Hour Opening for Utapao Entertainment Venues
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