Jomtien Beach is a favorite for many tourists who visit Thailand. Located a few kilometers south of Pattaya, this prestigious destination boasts of thousands of tourists every year. But this is really no surprise given the countless attractions it has to offer holiday- makers. In fact, some of the attractions here are unique to this beach town. Here is all you need to know about Jomtien Beach.

How to Get to Jomtien Beach

Most tourists will usually fly to Utapao Airport on their way to the beach town. From the airport, you can choose to use either public means of transport or to use a taxi.

Predictably, using a bus or minibus is generally far cheaper than using a taxi. The downside of public transport is that it may not drop you at the hotel you’re staying in, which can be quite an inconvenience.

Taxis on the other hand could drive you up to your preferred destination, but you will have to part with more money then.

Jomtien Beach Attractions

1. The Beach

The beach is without doubt the greatest attraction to Jomtien beach. The beach is long and can sometimes be fairly deserted. You can take long barefoot walks with the soft sand massaging your feet. The sight of the ocean nearby makes this a priceless view.

If you feel energetic, you could try out one of the many water sports that are popular at the beach. Swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and scuba- diving are all thrilling, energy- draining activities you can indulge in. A day spent at the beach is bound to be fun-filled and memorable.

2. Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain)

The Buddha Mountain is yet another feature in Jomtien Beach that attracts tourists by the droves. This spectacular feature is an image of Buddha that it sculpted on a limestone hill.

The sculpture is golden in color, so it glimmers from quite a distance. It is also a massive image that is 70 meters wide and at least 30 meters long. It is in fact the largest carved image of Buddha in the world. Impressive, isn’t it?

3. Underwater Pattaya

If you are fascinated by the underwater world, then a visit to the world- famous Underwater Pattaya is a must. This is simply an experience of a lifetime.

A visit to the center involves an hour spent underwater watching various forms of sea creatures in their natural habitat. You can rest assured that the visit is well- worth your time since there is a lot to see and learn here. It is also undeniably entertaining.

4. Pattaya Floating Market

Another must- see when in Jomtien Beach is the famous Pattaya Floating Market. The market is so named because vendors literally sell their wares when on boats. Interesting, right? It gets better because there is a wide array of merchandise to purchase here. Some of the most prominent goods include handicrafts and artistic products.

If you are lucky, you might even catch an ongoing cultural performance or other live shows. It couldn’t get any more entertaining than this, could it?

Where to Stay in Jomtien Beach

1. Achada Beach Pattaya

If you are looking for an affordable and highly- rated hotel to stay in, then look no further than Achada Beach Hotel. This hotel is rather close to the beach, and it is also not too far from the town. Some of the features the best features of the hotel include flat- screen TVs in the rooms, free Wi- Fi and even scenic views of beautiful gardens from various rooms in the hotel.

2. Nonze Hostel

If you want to experience the best of Jomtien Beach, then consider staying at the Nonze Hostel. This hotel is certainly among the very best in the town. Hygiene is maintained at the highest levels, and the staff is extremely courteous to the visitors. You get to enjoy free Wi-Fi, and you can even order food from the restaurant within the premises. Other luxuries that you get to enjoy include a private bathroom, flat screen television and a swimming pool.

3. Villa Oranje Pattaya

From the majestic structure of the hotel to its exquisite interior, the Villa Oranje Pattaya spells the word luxury effortlessly. Here, you are guaranteed exclusive comfort and ultimate luxury. You will also get room service, comfortable bed sheets and support from the staff. The food here is delicious, and you will even enjoy a few complimentary meals.


Jomtien Beach has a lot to offer the tourist. From the lovely beach to world- famous images and even floating markets, there is simply too much to experience. Additionally, there are various top notch hotels to stay in while you are there. Be sure to visit Jomtien Beach to experience it in all its beauty.