Rayong is situated in the eastern region of the Gulf of Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand is a place of the shallow entrance of the western part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas. It is very near from the main landmarks of the city Pattaya.

From Pattaya Airport, Rayong takes almost an hour ride. It is also known as a place in the tourist attractions of the main city. However, very beautiful and serene places are also nearby. When you are planning a trip to Pattaya, pick one day and explore this place and there would be no regrets. Plus Koh Samet is only a 20 minutes taxi ride away.

If you are a seafood lover you should definitely visit, as the town is the largest fishing center and the hub for fisheries in Bangkok.

After hearing so many things about it, there may be some obvious questions in your mind. For example, how to reach Rayong, what are the tourist attractions around the place. Or how to travel across the city, places with good food and most important places to stay. Well, here we will be giving a total overview and guide to travel Rayong.

Reaching Rayong

First, arrive at Utapao International Airport (Pattaya Airport). It’s better if you come to the Utapao international airport because it’s the nearest airport to Rayong.

From Pattaya international airport its only around 35-40 km to Rayong. If you have a good budget then you can take a taxi from the airport and you can go to Rayong. Or on a budget, you can also take buses that leave from the airport to Rayong. The buses are air-conditioned but if the weather is hot or humid it can be little uncomfortable for you.

Things to do

The first and foremost thing that you love about Thailand is its beaches. These are the best and the most beautiful thing that you must see in Thailand.

Rayong has some exquisite beaches. Leam Charoen beach is located near the city. But there are many other beaches. For example, Mae Phim Beach, Suan Son Beach, Kens Beach and also Mae Ramphung Beach. The latter being which is 10 km outside the city and is also a very beautiful place.

Rayong is also a place with stunning islands here many adventure sports take place. You can explore the deep marine environment of the seas and oceans.

Koh Samet, Koh Kudi, Koh Mum, Koh Talu are some islands that are nearby. Koh Chang is also within easy reach. This large island is popular for scuba diving which won’t cost you much if there is a group with more amount of people.

National Parks and Nature

National parks are also situated in Rayong. A National Park called Khao Laem is situated in the Koh Samet island. Parks are situated right beside the beautiful blue sea and serene beaches. You can hire a speedboat and can travel across to the island or take a public boat.

There is also a beautiful waterfall that is located about 65 km from Mae Rampheung Beach. The name of the waterfall is Khao Chamao waterfall or Namtok Khao Chamao waterfall.

A beautiful cave is also located inside the mountains. It is a steep rock covered cave with lots of flora around it, many beautiful and exotic plants can be found. Inside Khao Wong, you can find more than 80 limestone caves which are famed for their beauty.

Rayong also has the highest zip line in Asia and it’s a must visit for any adventure sports lover and enthusiast. Many other interesting things like historical monuments, adventure lands where you can go for cycling and a nice stroll with your family and friends. A giant aquarium is also present in Rayong.

Hotels and Lodging

Many good hotels are present in Rayong. If you want to explore the place more precisely you must book a hotel and must stay there for at least 3 days to see the sights.

Tamarind Garden Hotel

Tamarind Garden hotel is located in the Mueang Rayong District in Rayong. It is a low budget hotel but has good rooms and with air-conditioned facilities . It also receives good reviews and has a rating of greater than 8.5 and is the best low budget hotel in the area.

Centara Q Resort Rayong

The Centara Q Resort is a four star hotel which boasts great, family friendly facilities with a pool to chill and all. This hotel is undoubtedly a great choice for you. It receives rave reviews and good ratings. Centara is ideally located in Laem Mae Phim, Klaeng.

Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa

The 5-star exquisite resort is located in Moo 4, Tambol Phe, Amphur Muang, Koh Samet, Thailand. Near the center of the city. It has some premium facilities like a massage spa and a swimming pool attached. This is a luxury city hotel and is popular with foreign tourists.